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On June 25, the 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention was grandly opened at the Queen Sirikit National Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand, with the theme of "Convergence of Chinese Entrepreneurs' Wisdom, New Chapter of Chinese Community". As an outstanding representative of Chinese food enterprises going abroad, the national brand ChaCha, with its small yellow bag, Kui Zhen and many other star products, made a stunning appearance at the conference, with the quality of artisan-made Chinese good nuts, to help the global Chinese businessmen concentrated efforts, strong communication, deep cooperation, interpretation of the great wisdom of Chinese businessmen, to create a new chapter of the Chinese people.

The 16th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention Site

The products of ChaCha are presented at the conference

The internationalization sample of ChaCha is performed with local roots in Thailand

ChaCha has a deep connection with Thailand, the host of this conference. In July 2019, ChaCha's Thailand factory was put into production, which is a key step of ChaCha's globalization strategy, starting a new journey of Chinese nut brand globalization. Today, ChaCha's products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, becoming one of the national brands with the largest number of export countries and the widest export area.

ChaCha sunflower seeds are welcomed by Thai consumers

The success of ChaCha's internationalization lies in the fact that it has really taken root in the local area. In Thailand, for example, ChaCha has already achieved a leading position in the Thai market. In order to adapt to the food culture of local consumers and cultivate the habit of getting high on sunflower seeds, ChaCha has specially introduced localized flavors such as coconut, and thoughtfully attached a "foolproof tutorial" on the back. Helped the product land.

ChaCha Thai version sunflower seeds on the shelves 

In 22 years, ChaCha announced the brand spokesman of Thailand market - Sunny Suwanmethanon. The national brother and national snacks join hands strongly, both of which represent the positive energy of sunshine and are loved and recognized by Thai consumers. ChaCha has tried many initiatives in brand localization, combining local scenes to shoot advertising campaign, carrying out consumer activities in Thai festival season, doing online and offline promotion in a three-dimensional way for the life trajectory of Thai young people, and joining hands with Thai movie star Sunny on MBK big screen. Since the popularity of Coconut sunflower Seeds in Thailand, the image of ChaCha has been deeply penetrated into the hearts of Thai people, and the cooperation with the Thai movie star has reinforced the status of ChaCha as the national snack in Thailand.

Sunny Suwanmethanon endorses ChaCha sunflower seeds

Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia, bordering with Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia, with developed shipping, and is an important part of the "Maritime Silk Road". In the recent shareholders' meeting, ChaCha Food Industry said that there are huge opportunities in Southeast Asia and the Arab region, and we are actively replicating the successful experience in Thailand and laying out the market in Indonesia and Southeast Asia by relying on the factory in Thailand.

Open cooperation, concentrating on one heart, creating a new chapter for the Chinese community

Nowadays, the Chinese business network all over the world is becoming an important force in promoting the construction of a new development pattern, which is of great significance in promoting the dual cycle of domestic and international. At the same time, along with RCEP entering a new phase of full implementation, the deepening of intra-regional economic cooperation and the continuous improvement of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation level also bring new opportunities for Chinese enterprises, including ChaCha.

Overseas Chinese businessmen praise ChaCha

From the sample of national brand going abroad to international, to the corporate vision of realizing the world's leading nut leisure food, ChaCha has specially set up the overseas business division, actively laying out the overseas market and opening up a new territory of business, and achieving 500 million breakthrough in export value in 22 years. At the same time, open cooperation to expand the circle of brand friends, cooperate with Gujing Gongjiu (Thailand) to customize gift boxes, and co-brand with Akiyoshi to carry out activities in Thailand, Australia and other markets, exploring more possibilities for Chinese brands to go abroad.

ChaCha sponsors the 16th Chinese Business Conference

Not only the business and market end, behind a sunflower seed is the national spirit and cultural deposit of the nation for 5,000 years. With food as the medium, ChaCha delivers a shining Chinese business card to the world, showing the confidence and strength as a national brand, and also conveying to the world the strategic determination of ChaCha to continue to develop the global market.

ChaCha's products were well received at the Chinese Business Conference

With one heart and one force, ChaCha sails internationally. In the future, ChaCha will make use of the platform of Chinese Business Conference to enhance understanding and cooperation with Chinese businessmen all over the world, and work together to continue to set a high quality benchmark for China's quality manufacturing, play the responsibility of national enterprises, and create a prosperous and bright future for Chinese brands.

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