ChaCha : Seize the opportunity of RCEP coming into full effect and open up cooperation to share the future

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As one of the important events of 2023 RCEP Local Government and Friendship City Cooperation (Huangshan) Forum, the Economic, Trade and Development Zone Cooperation Seminar of RCEP member countries was held in Huangshan City, Anhui Province in the afternoon of June 9. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ChaCha Food") shared the practice and harvest of ChaCha Food under the framework of RCEP when he participated in the theme exchange.

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Headquartered in Hefei City, Anhui Province, ChaCha Foods was established in 2001, and is a leading enterprise in China's nut industry, as well as one of the top 100 enterprises in China's food industry and a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, whose products are not only sold well in all provinces and cities, but also exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

"Since January 2022, when RCEP formally came into effect, we have enjoyed various facilities including tariffs, market access and trade facilitation, which have greatly boosted the company's import and export trade and brought new opportunities for us to develop in the markets of RCEP member countries." Chen Jun said.

Chen Jun, deputy general manager of ChaCha Food Co.,Ltd

According to the introduction, in 2022, the total import of raw materials of ChaCha Food is 280 million yuan, among which the import to RCEP member countries is 150 million yuan, accounting for 53% of the total import; in the same year, the total export of ChaCha Food (including Thailand factory) is 501 million yuan, among which the export to RCEP member countries is 359 million yuan, accounting for 72% of the total export, and the export of products has covered all the 15 RCEP member countries. member countries. According to Chen Jun, "This fully proves the positive impact of the market access facilitation brought by RCEP on the development of ChaCha's food products in the markets of RCEP member countries."

ChaCha's booth kept attracting guests to stop by

Chen Jun introduced that in 2019, the first overseas factory of ChaCha Foods, Thailand factory, was successfully put into operation, taking an important step towards globalization. At present, the Thai factory has nearly 300 employees, and successfully cooperates with many colleges and universities to recruit local graduated college students, cultivate excellent talents and gradually realize the localization of talents. The operating revenue of Thailand factory has become an important part of ChaCha Food's market in RCEP member countries, and the total operating revenue of Thailand factory in 2022 reached 315 million RMB, which is 13% higher than the same period in 2021.

On June 2 this year, with the official entry into force of RCEP for the Philippines, all 15 signatories of RCEP have completed the entry into force procedures and the agreement has entered a new phase of full implementation. In this regard, Chen Jun said that ChaCha Food will further seize the opportunity to strengthen technological innovation, talent training and brand communication, and actively seek in-depth cooperation with enterprises of RCEP member countries while promoting the synergistic development of industrial chain and industrial upgrading, explore diversified regional cooperation models, and jointly promote trade liberalization in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve mutual benefits and win-win.

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