The 16th Food Exhibition for China Nuts and Roasted Seeds, Dried Fruits & Fair for Purchase and Supply officially opened.

Date:2023-04-19 Views:64841

Guided by the China Food Industry Association, the China Food Industry Association Nut and Fried Food Professional Committee (referred to as the National Nut and Fried Food Professional Committee), organized by Beijing Zhongjian Hefei Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. 2023  The 16th China Nuts and Roasted Seeds, Dried Fruits & Fair for Purchase and Supply(referred to as China Nut and Fried Food Exhibition) series of activities, in April 19 to 22, 2023 in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China. Mr. Chen Xianbao, Chairman of ChaCha Food, Ms. Chen Qi, Vice Chairman of ChaChaFood and other company representatives attended this conference.

The theme of this exhibition is "Exhibit worldwide nuts, and enjoy win-win cooperation". 600+ famous fruit and fried food enterprises from all over the country and nearly 1,000 enterprises of the whole industry chain, such as machinery and equipment, additives, packaging materials, etc. came to the site, with numerous new products, excellent products and hot products competing to appear, and a wide variety of categories. With Chinese consumers' pursuit of healthy living, the awareness of nut nutrition continues to rise, China's nut consumption is ushering in a booming development, a strong impetus to the overall growth of the world's nuts. At the same time, China's fast-growing demand for nuts has also inspired domestic nut enterprises from planting, nurturing, processing, sales of the entire industry chain to build, the parallel development of foreign imports and local planting, further accelerating the process of domestic nuts to the world.

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