Epidemic is ruthless while there is love in ChaCha

Date:2020-03-26 Views:4657

Since March 26, 2020, Thailand has entered a state of emergency in response to the epidemic.

ChaCha cooperated with Thai distributor BAILI Co., Ltd. to donate Daily Nuts products (725 pieces in total) to frontline workers (airport workers and medical workers in frontline hospitals) through the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health of Thailand to cheer them on. This donation expresses ChaCha's determination to fight the epidemic together with all sectors of the Thai society.

This donation activity was personally interviewed by the Ministers of the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Health of Thailand, and they gave high praise and gratitude. The media reporters on the scene also made corresponding reports on the activity. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of all sectors of the society, Thailand can overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

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